# CCCLXXII…NFL Small World, East Coast/West Coast…

November 3rd, for those that are unaware, is the birthday of two elite NFL quarterbacks…former New York Giants’ legend Phil Simms (1955) and upstart Niners’ QB Colin Kaepernick (1987).  This fact, although probably not known by many (save me, because I love the “small world” aspect) has no bearing on anyone but I feel that it’s worth mentioning.

The reason that I’ve mentioned it though is due to the fact that, barring a free agent move or trade, both QBs have been with their respective teams for their entire careers (Simms, Giants 1979-1993; Kaepernick, 49ers 2011-Present).  Although Mr. Simms won two Super Bowls to Kaepernick’s none (yet), the West Coaster still has yet to shine; although rushing for over a hundred yards in a postseason game outshines his elder.

Also celebrating on this Early November day are/were; late MLB hurler Bob Feller (1918-2010), late action star Charles Bronson (1921-2003), actor/singer Ken Berry (1933), “Golgo 13” creator Takao Saito (1936), pugilist Larry Holmes (1949), comedienne/actress Roseanne Barr (1952) and voice acting legend Jim Cummings was born in 1952.

In addition, twins include; comedian/talk show host Dennis Miller (1953), singer Adam Ant (1954), actor Dolph Lundgren (1957), DJ/musician Robert Miles (1969), Slipknot’s # Seven, guitarist Mick Thompson (1973) and model Kendall Jenner was born in 1995.

Thanks again for coming…if it weren’t for your continued viewing, I wouldn’t be here…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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