# CCCLXI…For My Friend, Bibi…

Today, September 22, is the birthday of a work-related friend, Bibi, who is celebrating her 25th birthday for the sixth time (aka 31).  The bad thing is that, aside from her love of comic books and reading, I really don’t know a lot about her.  I mean, I know she hails from Guyana (that’s in South America, just above Brazil…if you didn’t know) but her outlook on life, in general, is a good enough reason to post this second list in her honor.

Her presence in my circle reflects my own feelings, somewhat…for a long time, I have been pessimistic (still am, mostly) but she is an anchor of hope for me, as her personality and perseverance is one of the paramount reasons that I keep fighting the good fight (of course, my daughters are ALWAYS first in that regard).  She has a brilliant disposition and, in her defense, deserves to be happy on this, her birthday!

Many happy more blessed birthdays, Miss Bibi…hope this day is enjoyable for you…

In reference to her birthday twins, the list includes; late veteran actor John Houseman (1902-1988), former Dodgers’ manager Tommy Lasorda (1927), former NBA commissioner David Stern (1942), 80s singer Toni Basil (1943), Whitesnake vocalist David Coverdale (1951) and actress/singer Shari Belafonte was born in 1954.

Also celebrating today are; actress/singer Debby Boone (1956), Italian singer Andrea Bocelli (1958), singer/songwriter Joan Jett (1958), figure skater Tai Babilonia (1959), actor Scott Baio (1960), actresses Bonnie Hunt and Catherine Oxenberg (1961), rap star Mystikal (1970) and former “Smallville” ‘Supergirl’, Laura Vandervoort, was born in 1984, as well.

I will be back tomorrow…not for a birthday post, though; just a minor personal milestone…until then…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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