As today is the fourteenth anniversary of the most heinous and despicable action against our great nation, it has certainly become synonymous with reflection of our rich history.  On this date in 2001, almost three thousand people lost their lives because of religious extremism and forever changed the way we live in our society.

My ex-boss had moved our company to New Jersey at the beginning of the 21st Century (aka way back in 1999) so, on that date, I was actually on my way to work with coworkers that lived in Hoboken and, upon starting the drive from there, I noticed that some workers on the main road to the Turnpike were turning their heads towards New York…and that’s when I noticed the plume of smoke from the first building being struck.  From that point until we reached the job, my head was constantly looking in that direction (I did catch the tail end of the second crash during that ride).

As we arrived to the office, people were already trying to gather as much information on the situation, which was harder then because of the infancy of the technology at that time.  Due to the fact that the antenna that gave people their television signals came down, all we could really do was pray for those in and around that area and get ourselves together to get to our homes.  We didn’t do much work that day (I work with U.S. Customs) and, at about 1:30 PM, after we had gotten enough news about the collapse and road situation, we proceeded towards home…which I actually had to walk along a busy highway to my house in Jersey City from nearby Kearny (about an hour walk, so no big deal).

The picture above, which is of the fountain that used to grace the World Trade Center’s plaza, was something that I used to see every day…as I worked a block and a half east of where the Towers once stood and used to be in the building on the right side (6 WTC aka the U.S. Customhouse) almost daily.

I still have vivid memories of the attack in 1993 and, on this date, we remember the people that lost their lives that day and the men, women and all else that spent a majority of their time, effort and resources to cleanse the area and (somewhat) return it to its’ former glory.

In closing, the one thing that I would like to add is this; although the terrorists that performed the heinous acts have taken the original World Trade Center from us, they cannot and will not be able to take the one thing that I hold dear…the memories of working in that area for ten years prior, as well as the happy family moments (like showing my then-9 year old daughter around my workplace a month before that fateful day), which will last until the end of time.

/,,,/ NEVER FORGET 09-11-01 \,,,\


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