# CCCLII…Saturday Spotlight, Vol. XXIX…”Take It Like A Man”, Butcher Babies…


In a post that was predicted back in 2013 (please see Post # CVII for proof), this edition of the Spotlight comes to you with the above photo…my latest acquisition…the above-mentioned Butcher Babies’ release, “Take It Like A Man” (which, is only mentioned in Track 10…more on that shortly).  When I saw this band back at RockStar Mayhem, I knew that this album, which is their sophomore release, was going to knock me out, as I expected great things from them.

The band’s name is based on thrash metal icon Wendy O. Williams’ hit, “Butcher Baby”…and this quintet from California (vocalists/growlers Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey, guitarist Henry Flury, bassist Jason Klein and drummer Chrissy Warner) are nothing short of astonishing metal genius from the opening track (and video release) “Monsters Ball” to the finale, “Blonde Girls All Look The Same”.  Reminiscent of the band I covered named Dope (you’ll love them, too), this album is a non-stop, “In your FACE, bubblegum”, stomp-fest that truly had me headbanging the entire time.

In a “behind-the-scenes” truth, this album is the first to earn five stars on every track…If thrash/moshcore is your thing (along the lines of Dope, Cannibal Corpse, Jobforacowboy, etc.), then this album should definitely be added to your collections.

Also, of note, the following tracks were my own personal favorites; Song 4: The Butcher–double bass drum opening leads into killer track; Song 5: Gravemaker–just all-around time signature madness that is awesome; Song 6: Thrown Away–awesome, 80s “hair-metal” ballad, showcasing wonderful “clean” vocals; Song 8: Marquee–4:20 of pure metal mayhem, summed up by the line “They will know my name”; and Song 10: Dead Man Walking–“Now I can say that I know what it’s like to play dead”, ‘Nuff said!!

Thanks for stopping in…I would like to thank everyone, in all 87 different countries, for making this among my best months ever…although the circumstances of THIS year’s August views has not been pretty…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

TRACK LIST:  1) Monsters Ball; 2) Igniter; 3) The Cleansing; 4) The Butcher; 5) Gravemaker; 6) Thrown Away; 7) Never Go Back; 8) Marquee; 9) Blood Soaked Hero; 10) Dead Man Walking; 11) For The Fight; 12) Blonde Girls All Look The Same



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