# CCCL…Saturday Spotlight, Vol. XXVIII…”Starbound Beast”, Huntress…

Back on October 25, 2013, I posted a blog about the closing concert at the famed Roseland Ballroom in New York, which I had attended with my now-late brother along with his friend, Cesar, to see Testament (well, the show had Testament, Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage, as well as the star of this week’s post)…and I was treated to California’s own Jill Janus with her awesomely rocking band, Huntress.

As they were there to promote their second album, “Starbound Beast”, I wrote that post and clearly did not do them justice…which is why I’m here because, on September 25, 2015, they will be releasing their third album, “Static” (first song/video, “Flesh”, is not for the wussies that this society has come to produce…fair warning!!!)  The second album (first album will be reviewed next week) is a beautiful dark metal masterpiece, clearly reminiscent of classic music like King Diamond (whose vocal range is about the same as Ms. Janus’).

From the opening instrumental piece, called “Enter the Exosphere”, this album is an unadulterated and uncensored exodus through the nuances of a metal masterpiece.  Also of note, for those not interested yet, is the fact that the third song, the sultry hit “I Want to Fuck You to Death”, was co-written by Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmeister, and (as I stated in the first post) the video for the sixth song, “Zenith”, reminded me of the cult classic phenomenon known as “Heavy Metal” (great movie, by the way).

The fact that Jill Janus has a four-octave vocal range also gives her that “King Diamond”ish feel to their music…eerie and haunting yet can grab you by your cojones and not let go…which is why I felt that, even two years after this album’s release, you should get into it now.  If Huntress isn’t a fine example of dark and heavy metal masterpiece, then I’m not a writer…but, that’s why I put it here, so you all can judge for yourselves (I’m just trying to kill the bubblegum nonsense that the “sheep” are being fed…)

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

TRACK LIST:  1) Enter the Exosphere; 2) Blood Sisters (great growling in here); 3) I Want to Fuck You to Death; 4) Destroy Your Life (classic line in here; “Keep your goals away from trolls!”); 5) Starbound Beast; 6) Zenith; 7) Oracle; 8) Receiver; 9) Spectra Spectral; 10) Alpha Tauri (6:25 of awesome metal); 11) Running Wild



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