# CCCXLVI…Fredrick V. Johnson (04/17/64 – 08/08/15)…

This somber post comes to you with my family’s blessings, for this world has truly lost a brilliant light by taking my brother, Fredrick, to the “Big Arena”, where he will now be partying and rocking with Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, etc.  Fred’s knowledge of music almost assuredly passes my own and he will now be able to hang out with the greatest artists of all time.

As far as memories go, there are just way too many to recant on this blog…besides, I’m still trying to absorb the fact that, after 51 years and a relatively smoking-free lifestyle, cancer has taken an individual that epitomized the phrase, “Only the good die young,” as he was nothing short of happy-go-lucky but responsible up to his untimely demise.

He was a wonderful and devoted father of two intelligent children, whom he raised much in the way my father did, and “free-spirited” child of the 60’s (although he rarely touched drugs) and his love of laughter and music (and baseball, too!) is something that the dreaded disease cannot take from any of us.

I would like to thank everyone, both behind the scenes and outside, for your heartfelt (as I can sense them) condolences, as it is (and will be for a while) a truly dark time in history…one of its’ stars has gone out…but in his memory, music will soothe us and illuminate our way.

/,,,/ ROCK ON FUZZY \,,,\


2 thoughts on “# CCCXLVI…Fredrick V. Johnson (04/17/64 – 08/08/15)…

  1. James and family …Although now many miles away, we were completely heartbroken and saddened when Scott showed me the post about Freddie last night. I agree 1000% – he was truly a free spirit, always looking to the bright side of things rather than the negative, a trait more people in this world should have. He was a huge supporter of me and all things Rock Shop and I am both blessed and honored to have been able to say he was a friend. He was well versed in the music world and I enjoyed the many conversations we had talking about music and he schooled me about a few things too …. lol .. He will now fly free with the angels and all the greats he loved to listen to while here among us. The man upstairs takes the good ones first, we see it often, sucks for us but I believe that is because he has a much bigger purpose up there and will still be with you everyday. Keep an open mind and you will see and feel his presence all around you. Please give Tami and your family our deepest condolences and know we will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. All our love, Scott & Gina

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