# CCCXXXIX…A Very Somber RIP…

Yesterday, while the family and I were on our yearly excursion to RockStar Mayhem (which, due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to witness so no review this year) and were notified over social media that my great friend Michael Reinke’s Mother had passed away.  Although this may seem to many of you as a situation that should not affect me, you don’t know the reasons why it does and should!

You see, the night that my ex-wife gave me the boot, I had asked her (due to my close relationship with Mike) if she could accommodate me, as I attempted to rebuild my life.  She had shockingly agreed that night and, over the course of the next couple of months, she was the person that provided me with the necessary mental stability to move on and continue my existence.

All in all, it was seeing through her eyes on how hard life can be under the world’s surprises can push someone to keep moving forward and doing the absolute best that one can do in your environment.  My perception of the universe that night changed because of her continued perseverance in the face of adversity.  Her infectiously cynical views on life, though, are just some of the beautiful memories that this writer will always cherish.

My extremely heartfelt condolences go out to Michael and Kathleen (sorry if I haven’t mentioned anyone else there; my memory is shot and don’t recall any others), for your Mom’s light will truly be missed.  She is in a better place now and God has taken her pain…

Rest in Peace, Flo…01/14/41 – 07/17/15…


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