# CCCXXXV…For America’s “Twins”…

Since I have been posting, July 4th has been a birthday-less date in which I haven’t given you the list of people that are celebrating the birth of this once great nation.  That having been said, we already know that this country was “born” 239 years ago and that is a testament to the longevity of our country.

As I don’t want to take up too much time (which everyone is devoting to the celebrations that today brings), I will present to you the post-1900 (natch) list of “twins”; late real estate mogul Leona Helmsley (1920-2007), actress Eva Marie Saint (1924), Italian bombshell Gina Lollobrigida (1927), playwright Neil Simon (1927), late New York Yankees’ owner George Steinbrenner (1930-2010) and disgraced former journalist Geraldo Rivera was born in 1943.

Red-white-and-blue salutes also go to; Bad English guitarist John Waite (1952), former wrestler Barry Windham (1960), ESPNs Pam Shriver (1962), Stryper and Boston guitarist Michael Sweet (1963), former 80s hair band heartthrob Mark Slaughter (1964), former Saints’ defensemen (plural) La’Roi Glover (1974) and Will Smith (1981) and southpaw Maple Leafs’ defenseman Jake Gardiner was born in 1990.

I hope that you all have a SAFE and enjoyable holiday…now, I have things to do and so I bid you all adieu and…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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