# CCCXXX…Baby Steps in the Right Direction…

Today’s post is about the unprecedented Supreme Court ruling yesterday (June 26, 2015), announcing that marriage is now legal in all 50 states when it concerns couples of same-sex partnerships.  A moment that the LGBT community has been waiting for since the Stonewall Riots in New York (way back in 1969) is now a gleaming reality for those individuals who embrace that lifestyle.

A long time coming for those affected by it, this monumental decision comes on the heels of this weekend’s Pride Celebrations held throughout the country…making the June 26th decision by the Court that much more of a state of celebration of the LGBT community.  I do have lots of friends that this decision directly effects and I would like to wish any and all continued happiness in their endeavors.

As for the title, however, and I hope this starts people talking, it is only a minor solution to a much bigger problem that no one else is paying attention to; Equality is a word that means that EVERYONE is equal, which, in case you’ve been paying attention, is sadly in this day and age STILL not applicable to a lot of people!

While we live in an age where technology has become a paramount concern, our society (not me personally) still insists that the actions that we take are embedded in an archaic piece of literature, aka The Holy Bible.  Being that I don’t “subscribe” to any religion, I will tell you without a doubt that I do believe in a “higher power”; I know that I came from my Mother’s womb…how I got there remains a mystery…but I think that we should look at things from a broader perspective.

The recent events concerning police in regards to the treatment of criminals (black vs. white), which are an atrocity all there own, are just one of the “hot points” that are causing uproars across this country.  In this so-called “advanced” time we live in, we are being subjected to all sorts of fads based on commercialism, which is really weird considering that this supposedly “great” country is telling you that, in order to succeed, you must be in the upper echelon of the elite “1 percenters” in order to be a member of society!

In closing, the point I’m trying to make is that, the Bible tells you that God wants you to “love thy neighbor”…I don’t think he “said” ‘Love thy neighbor…unless he’s black, Asian, LGBT or the like’.  Until we, as the HUMAN RACE, learn that everyone on this God-created planet is just another member of the “human” community, these baby steps will have to do.

Rant over…please enjoy this weekend’s spectacular Pride Celebrations, even if you’re not a member of the LGBT community…I have in the past and I guess that’s what makes me different from everyone else; I am much more tolerant to the indifference of being a human being (I am a southpaw, remember)…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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