# CCCXXVIII…Commercialism Need Not Apply…

The fact that today, June 21st, marks the 16th Father’s Day without my father is not a real paramount concern to me.  As time goes by in this lifetime, you should realize (as I have) that time is fleeting and that all of the individual moments that you get to spend with the people that matter should be cherished, as such.

As my father is the only man that I will ever truly respect, his presence in my life was IMMEASURABLE.  His presence in my life to this date will never be reproduced and he is always smiling down on his grandchildren (my two included), as he should be because he did a wonderful job as a Father and raised us to be respectful members of society.  As the memories flow on this day, I am also reminded of all of the fun times and, equally, the rough times that made us who we are and his countless stories of times long ago, when things were less fortunate than they are today.

Upon becoming a member of the “Father’s Day Society” in 1992, and again in 2000, I realized that all of the bells and whistles that advertisers bombard our society with around this time is the MOST RIDICULOUS thing that could ever happen.  I mean, realistically, I know people have the right to hawk their products, otherwise we’d be a poor, third-world-type country with no monetary wealth.

However, and the point I’m really trying to make, without the births of my two beautiful girls, there wouldn’t be a need to even acknowledge this date, other than with a tribute to my Father.

As a father myself, I need to express to you again that, in all honesty, the only “presents” that mean ANYTHING to me today are not some useless golf clubs or watches or ties, which advertisers think we all “need”.  As I’ve mentioned previously on this blog, the only thing that would make me the happiest Dad in the world is for both of my angels to wish me a Happy Father’s Day!

To all that it applies to (just too many to mention in words), Happy Father’s Day, and may your day be filled with all the love and affection that our kids can dish to us today!!!!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DADZ \,,,\


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