# CCCXXVI…Flag Day Birthday List…

If today, June 14th, is your birthday, then you already know that, in the United States at least, that you also celebrate Flag Day.  However, as my hobby is mostly about what celebrities share this date, it has a couple of great names associated with it, in the birthday aspect, at least.

As I have written only once on this date, it would be a great idea to present more names that are celebrating their birthday today.  Logically, if I’ve only written once, there must be some that were left off the first list (from Post # XCIV, which was titled “All Hail to the King”).

That having been said (and to keep it somewhat short), the list should read as follows; folk/country singer Burl Ives, whom many of you know as the voice of Sam the Snowman from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1909-1995), late veteran actor Gene Barry (1919-2009), late Cuban activist Che Guevara (1928-1967) and actress Marla Gibbs (from The Jeffersons and 227) was born in 1931.

Also born on this date are; financial mogul Donald Trump (1946), Yes drummer Alan White (1949), veteran actor Will Patton (1954), heavy metal icon King Diamond (the aforementioned post was about him and I cannot wait to see them at RockStar Mayhem next month!!!!!) was born in 1956, pop singer Boy George (1961), actress Yasmine Bleeth was born in 1968, tennis superstar Steffi Graf (1969) and country star/actress Lucy Hale was born in 1989.

Sorry that I haven’t been around as much…working on a project, to be announced once it’s finished.. Thank you for reading and I’ll be back soon…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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