# CCCXXI…Memorial Day, 2015…

On this Memorial Day of 2015, I thought I would drop in with yet another set of anecdotes from my youth.  From the time that I was old enough to remember until just about when my Dad passed away, I spent many a Memorial Day in the town of Atlantic Highlands, NJ (down the shore…not too far from Long Branch, where I was born).  The reason was very simple…my uncle Edward (my Dad’s brother) has his name on the Korean War Memorial in the center of town, as he was killed in battle.

Every year since I was a pup, my Dad (in his dress blues for marching in the parade that preceded it) would wait for his brother’s name to be called and would plant a flag in the memorial in honor of my late uncle.  After all of the names were called and flags planted, the mayor (or some other alderman) would then call for “Taps” to be played, to be followed and finished by a 21-gun salute for the fallen.

Back when I was young, I didn’t understand the significance of being there, year after year, to partake in a ceremony that didn’t involve me personally.  However, being that I’m older (and somewhat wiser), I now have a better understanding as to why I should be there…it was super important to my Dad and should be visited in the near future!

So, as you enjoy your barbeques and other festivities today, just remember…if it wasn’t for people such as my uncle and all of the other Veterans of Foreign Wars, you may not have been so fortunate to be celebrating what little freedoms you have left!!!!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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