# CXCI…Weekend From Hell, 1999…Part II

For those that missed it last year…

Dal's Music Note$

Saturday, May 22, 1999…After getting home at about 3 AM, due to the fact that, after we (my wife, brother and myself) met with the immediate family at the hospital and just congregated together in a diner, I had an early morning flight out of Newark Airport.  The plane was exciting, as I’d never been on a jumbo jet (very surreal experience for someone who’s afraid of heights), but the most exciting part was the 45 minute layover in another time zone (Chicago), which went very quickly and, when I’d arrived in Florida to collect my daughter Mena, the late afternoon “Floridian thunderstorm”…you know, sky goes black, pours for about 15 minutes and is bright and sunny again afterwards.  Early bedtime meant another early morning flight back to Jersey…

Sunday, May 23, 1999…Suffering from lack of sleep previously and the jet lag that followed my flight yesterday and the 3…

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