# CCCXX…In Honor of my Dad…



{The above photo is a combination of the newspaper clip that my Aunt Irene wrote one year after my Father’s death and a poppy from his American Legion post.  The date, however, is a misprint (it says “May 22, 1999”)}

“It’s been a year since you left us, my little brother, and the pain in my heart is as strong as it was the day you were gone.  You were always special to me because you were the youngest of my five brothers, and we were always very close.  You weren’t just my brother, you were everybody’s kind of guy.  Everyone who knew you loved you.  You were also the proudest Marine I ever knew, and your Distinguished Medal of Honor you waited so patiently for came six months after you left us.  But somehow I feel that you know we have it and treasure it.  God must have wanted a strong angel when he called you home and I know that whatever He wants you to do you will do it proudly and with honor.  When the sun comes out on a cloudy day I can feel the warmth of you smiling down on me.  I miss you little brother with all my heart,” written by my aunt Irene.


My father, who was taken from us sixteen years ago today, was the greatest man that I have ever known and I am proud that he was in my life.  His presence in my life was unmistakable and his mark on my life is immeasurable.  I am honored to post this because it is indeed heartbreaking that he is no longer here.

I just hope that I can be half the man that he was…

RIP Frederick H. Johnson, 07/08/31 – 05/21/99…we love you and miss you always…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DAD \,,,\


4 thoughts on “# CCCXX…In Honor of my Dad…

  1. Uncle Freddy touched everyone who knew him. He was an amazing human being. Those who didn’t know him got cheated. Those who did will cherish his memory forever.

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