# CCCXIX…For # 21, Back In The Pack…

In case you didn’t know, I have been an avid Timberwolves’ fan since their inception. So, it’s no surprise that I mention our center, Kevin Garnett, who was born on this date in our centennial year (1976).  However, I will mention that, although I have referred incorrectly of him as “Benedict Arnold”, he is now forgiven for wanting the team that drafted him to join the upper echelon of NBA champions.

His storied NBA career includes multiple All-Star Games, MVP Award (2004), Olympic Gold Medalist (2000) and champion with the Boston Celtics.  He is also a shareholder with the Serie A soccer team, A.S. Roma and I wish nothing but many happy more birthdays!

Also celebrating this 19th of May are; late civil rights activist Malcolm X (1925-1965), journalist Jim Lehrer (1934), actor Daivd Hartman (1935), late astronaut Dick Scobee (1939-1986), the man behind…er, under…Chewbacca, Mr. Peter Mayhew (1944), and The Who’s mainstay Pete Townshend was born in 1945.

Late wrestling icon Andre the Giant (1946-1993), singer Grace Jones (1948), ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill (1949), famous father (and former Saint) Archie Manning was born in 1949, late rock icon Joey Ramone (1951-2001), AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd (1954), and former wrestling star Psicosis was born in 1971.

/,,,/ ROCK ON K.G. \,,,\


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