# CCCXVII…Saturday Spotlight, Vol. XXIV…”Endless Forms Most Beautiful”, Nightwish, 2015…

Upon discovering this group on Pandora.com, it filled me with a sense of wonder and amazement as to where this established symphonic metal goliath would be headed.  I mean, as a fan, following up the brilliant “Imaginaerum” was going to be a mammoth task.  One that, I must add as a fan, they have truly surpassed with their latest release, “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”.

From the opening track, “Shudder Before the Beautiful”, which is an uptempo romp that could only be conjured by Nightwish, to the seventh and titular track, the album is a vast array of orchestral genius and vocal prowess that only Floor Jansen and Tuomas Holopainen can provide.  In this, their eighth studio release, they truly show why they are one of the masters of symphonic metal.

The coup de grace for this album though is the dystopian-inspired final track…a 24 minute romp through dystopia titled “The Greatest Show on Earth”, which is broken down in five parts and would have to be listened to, in order, to truly appreciate this band’s legacy.  From wall-to-wall, this album is a definite five-star masterpiece that leaves me…as I’m sure a lot of their other fans, as well…in hunger mode for more!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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