# CCCXV…Happy Mother’s Day! 2015 Edition…

I was going to do an album review for the latest release from the hot symphonic metal giants Nightwish but, being that a close friend has asked about another new release from a different group (Kamelot) that I enjoy as much as he does, I will hold off until I am able to listen to the new album.

Speaking of which, I think I have some time today to indulge myself to give it a listen…after all, I have fulfilled most of my obligations and have some time to kill on a Sunday.  After which, I will compose a double review, which should be fun!


For my Mother, Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for creating this nightmarish author with nothing better to do…

To the mother of my eldest, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day and hope you enjoy your special day with the kids and grandkids…

To the mother of my youngest, Happy Mother’s Day and I hope you enjoy your day with the abuella and your city peeps…

To all the other Mother’s who I’ve forgotten to mention, may your day be filled with the greatest “presents” that you can receive on this day…lots of love time with the children!  Even if your kids cannot be with you, Moms might be unappreciated at times…but they will NEVER be unloved!

/,,,/ ROCK ON MOMZ \,,,\


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