# CCCXIV…Faster Pussycat/London Quireboys @ Revolution, Amityville, NY…

My adoring public is already aware of the fact that, for the most part, I’m not really a person that is comfortable in the “nightlife” scenes, due to the fact that I’m a person that has a really bad self-esteem issue.  However, when it comes to this blog and the fact that I’ve been doing this, unpaid, for three plus years, I have been known to just ignore my issues and actually enjoy my craft and promote the living hell out of it.

Case in point was last night’s excursion…A last minute “I have an extra ticket” invite which turned out to be very beneficial to this blog…to Revolution Bar & Music Hall in Amityville, New York for the Faster Pussycat/London Quireboys/Midnight Mob (ticket shows all three) show that was held last night.

There were at least 200 heads last night throughout the night (most showed up, to their loss, AFTER the first three acts had rocked the place) and, as usual, the staff and especially the sound department were on point.  With the few shows that I’ve covered at the venue, it was pretty much status quo, as there were no incidents that I was aware of.

The first band of the night, an original trio named Phosfate (find them on Facebook), which I had the pleasure of speaking with at the end of their set.  These three guys; which consisted of Mike (lead singer/guitar), Joe (drums/backing vocals) and Dave (bass); whose music is obviously new, took to the Revolution stage like they owned it.  Performing such rocking tunes as “Wait to Die”, “Conviction”, and “This Burden”, this trio impressed this unpaid blogger with crisp sound and overall interaction.

I would just like to add that, although this blog is (for the most part) a small craft in a huge ocean, when I introduced myself to try to obtain a set list (for informing the masses of their songs), they were humbled enough to not only give me a signed set list but they allowed me the chance to “spread the word” on my hobby with them and, as we writers are supposed to do, gave me the opportunity to write about and promote them!

The second band of this six-band extravaganza was a punk cover band known as Suburban Decay, a quintet of gnarly punk rockers, who covered such hits as “Last Caress”, “No Future” and “(I’m Not YourStepping Stone” (punk cover of a classic Monkees tune).  As with all cover bands, they did perform all their tunes with precision and, with apologies to them, they were an odd change of pace from the norm.

Third on the roster was a Long Island, original band named Midnight Mob, which consisted of two guitarists (founder Mickey Squeeze and Spydyr), a female bassist (Carly Quinn), drummer (known as Beatz) and female lead vocalist (Blackey Deathproof), who have been around since 2009.  They performed original tracks, two off their self-titled EP, such as “All for Nothing” and “Be Mine”, and, so my research tells me, are no strangers when it comes to the music scene; they can also be found on Facebook and other media-savvy sites.

They are a beautiful addition to the rock scene (which people have speculated is supposedly dying) and should definitely be checked out, as they really impressed me not only with their wonderful music but with their humility when I asked for some research material.  Matter-of-fact, the lead singer was almost downtrodden in informing me that she couldn’t find my requested set list…to me, that was a sign that their interest in my promotion of the band (however small it may be) was genuine!

The fourth band, a Chicago-based quintet known as Loveblast, was a nice addition to the show.  The bassist, Jorey, was kind enough when I approached him for research to provide me with a set list.  These five guys who are relative new (since 2009) to the rock genre really impressed me with crisp sound and their ability to keep the crowd enthralled with their awesome music.

Performing such great tunes as their 2013 EP “Hard Liquor in Big Glasses” and their video release, “Wild Forever”, and tunes such as “Rain on Me” and “When We Were Young”, the show that they put on was a testament as to why they are currently touring with not only the headliners from tonight’s show but, as I have found out, they will be on quite a few of the “major” summer tours throughout the country…and rightly so, as they did an excellent job of performing at Revolution…and will continue to be on my radar.

The co-headliners, The London Quireboys, have been on the rock scene since 1984 and, last night, they were an awesome addition to this show.  The performance, which included such hits as “7 O’Clock”, “I Don’t Love You Any More”, “Devil of a Man” and “Whippin’ Boy”, was an amazing reminder of how long these guys have been around.  The things that made the show memorable, however, was the fact that, for last night’s performance, they changed the format to an acoustic performance.  In and of itself, that is the reason why they have a fan base as enormous as they do and I was really impressed to see such historic greatness.

Headlining this awesome, multi-band lineup were the ever-present (since 1986) metallers known as Faster Pussycat.  Lead singer Taime Downe and his current version of the long-time rockers pandered to their large fan base by performing their classics “Slip of the Tongue”, “Number One with a Bullet” and “Bathroom Wall”.  After over twenty years in the industry, however, they did have a delay in performing (which might have been due to procrastination more than anything), which almost dampened the fans’ spirits.

As a neophyte writer, I can tell you that seeing these “bucket list”-type of acts (you know, the bands that you’d LIKE to see before you leave for the great beyond) was a real inspiration to me…the greatness of their longevity combined with my recent hobby really cements my psyche’s happiness in covering bands like Faster Pussycat, whom I have known about since their inception (I was fifteen when they came on the scene).

Watching them perform “You’re So Vain” and “Poison Ivy”, which along with their entire discography are in my collection, was a wonderful example of how my hobby has opened my eyes to how truly great this industry can be.

Overall, it was a great time that I would like to thank my family, my friend Cesartheczar from WDFA/Soul Unhinged (who provided me with this ticket) and to all of the bands…especially the ones that gave me the chance to further my hobby and enlighten you all of the greatness that shows like this can provide!

Thank you and, as always…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\



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