# CCCXI…Upcoming Movie Magic…Starring Jason Lee…

In case you haven’t been kept in the loop, one of today’s birthday twins is a comedian whose talents can be witnessed in the long-awaited Kevin Smith sequel, Mallrats 2…Mr. Jason Lee (1970).  His other credits, of course, are starring roles in My Name is Earl and countless other Kevin Smith movies.

Born in California and a former professional skateboarder, his comedic talent has been a Godsend for the past 25 years or so…and he continues to be an all-around talent, as he also does voice over work (remember Syndrome…from The Incredibles?) and stints on the Tony Hawk franchise of video games.  A truly gifted comedian whose presence will be felt for years to come…happy birthday and many happy more!!

Also born on this April 25th are; late songstress Ella Fitzgerald (1917-1996), former Harlem Globetrotter Meadowlark Lemon (1932), the ubiquitous Al Pacino (1940), Creedence Clearwater Revival bassist Stu Cook (1945), ABBA singer Bjorn Ulvaeus (1945), and Rocky‘s “Adrian”, Talia Shire, was born in 1946.

Continuing this laundry list of names are; co-star of Babylon 5 (the old science fiction TV show LOL), Peter Jurasik, was born in 1950; former San Francisco 49er (and current sportscaster) Randy Cross (1954), comedian/voice over star Hank Azaria (1964), ubiquitous sports analyst Joe Buck (1969), comedienne Renee Zellweger (1969), San Antonio Spurs’ mainstay Tim Duncan was born in 1976 and Pittsburgh Steelers’ running back DeAngelo Williams was born in 1983.

Sorry for the hiatus…just felt like a “vacation”…more to come…I promise!!!!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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