# CCCX…Level 44 and Pre-birthday Celebration…

Today, as you all know by now, is the date on the calendar that signifies when I’d been hatched into this mortal plane.  However, this post is also going to reflect my outing last night…as it had been with every intention (to erase the evil stigma that I’d caused my birthday to become…) of enjoying the universe, for once in my 44 year experience on this planet.

Last night’s events occurred at a bar in Babylon, NY, known as the Bartini Bar…and is conveniently located right outside the LIRR station in Babylon.  It was for a show involving multi-time blog subject Cesartheczar from WDFA and his newest project (last night’s act) Soul Unhinged.

Because this is a late post and I’d really like to settle down from the hype before I work tomorrow…four bands (including the original music producing Soul Unhinged), two cover bands, awesome music (Primus cover band ROCKED as did Cesar and his crew), absolutely beautiful atmosphere, killer bartender (thanks, Jackie!!!) and an unprecedented seven Captain-and-Cokes later…and here we are at today.

An awesome day where birthday wishes came from those that were expected (my children, my family, etc.) and some that were unexpected, as well.  Capping this was the fact that the weather (which was simply stunning yesterday) was nice albeit chilly and windy, and the fact that this now-44 year old is winding down, pre-420, and enjoying his special day.

A special thanks now to the following people that have made this day special; my daughters, Mena and Erin (ruvs you both); my family, for remembering LOL; my friends Mikey and Shawn (truest friends ever!!!!), Pakee and Fred and especially Jackie the Bartender, who may never see this but I had a wonderful time last night and I’ll be back (considering the bar’s jukebox has my symphonic metal bands…which I played at the bar last night)!!!!!

If you’d like to find out who was born on this date, feel free to peruse the Archives buttons to the right of your screen…I have written on my birthday before and it’s been a long day.  Thanks you all…and remember…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ AND THANX!!!! \,,,\


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