# CCCVIII…”The Greatest Man That Ever Lived”…

Today’s birthday post is about the man that has adopted the above as his own personal moniker in TNA Wrestling, Austin Aries, who was born on this date in 1978.  The main reason that Austin Aries deserves this post is because, after his birthday last year, I noticed that he is one of very few left-handed wrestlers (yeah, I know about John Cena and “The Miz”, Mike Mizanin).

Being that he is also a member of my birth sign (the tattoo of the Chinese symbol for “Aries” on his left arm is a beautiful thing), he really personifies our nature; in the ring, he is tenacious to the point of exhaustion with a fiery, explosive demeanor that is unmatched by anyone.  A multi-time X Division, former TNA World Heavyweight Champion and a former Tag Team champ, he is a Triple Crown winner in TNA that is a real pleasure and honor to watch!

Happy birthday, Mr. Aries…and many happy more!!!

Also celebrating on Tax Day are; singer Roy Clark (1933), late actress Elizabeth Montgomery (1933-1995), actor Michael Tucci (1946), English actress Emma Thompson (1959), singer/actress Samantha Fox (1966), former Giant Jason Sehorn (1971), comedian Seth Rogen (1982) and current New York Jet cornerback Antonio Cromartie was born in 1984.

Sorry for the short post…there’s always next year!!!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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