# CLXXIII…Birthday Post for Former Co-Worker…Part I…

Sorry for the repost from last year…been a long week at work!!!

Dal's Music Note$

On this 100th day of the year, it is the date when a former workmate and new mother, Ayesha Smith, celebrates her birthday.  The many days that we both (and everyone else who worked for that individual) endured with our former boss are now lost over time but the fun times and great memories will always be dear to me.  The endless stories are not to be relived here, however, as this is to announce the birthday “twins” she never knew she had (although she probably won’t know any of them!!!)

Starting the list is the man that played Colonel Potter on the old M*A*S*H television show, Harry Morgan (1915-2011), late veteran actor Chuck Connors (1921-1992), former actor/novelty artist (had a hit song named “The Purple People Eater”), Mr. Sheb Wooley (1921-2003), veteran actor Max Von Sydow (1929), multitalented actor Omar Sharif (1932), and sports broadcasters John Madden (1936) and…

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