# CCXCVIII…To Sandee (Trilogy, Part I)…

My great friend, Sandee Molenda from California, is celebrating a milestone birthday today (can’t mention the number but Sammy Hagar can’t drive it) and, due to her place in my elite circle, she deserves this post, as it is the most fitting way that I can really relate to you just how special her ranking really is.  Our friendship started when she found me on mySpace (talk about memories?), due to her profound love for my favorite hockey team (the Sharks, due to her location very near to our home arena) and her love of writing (she is an accomplished bird-breeder and author in her own right), for which her opinions on my “hobby” are always appreciated.

Since then, she has represented the greatness that can come out of meeting someone on the internet, as she has been a constant reminder to me that, although initial success in something like writing creatively takes time, perseverance is the only true partner for an aspiring author.  Without further embarrassing her (or myself), I will let you all know that, as a fellow Aries, she is one of very few people from the “Left” Coast that I deal with regularly that doesn’t involve my career in the import industry…the place that, although I’ve never been there, calls to my heart with every passing day!

Without further ado, her birthday twins includes such names as; late actor Karl Malden (1902-2009), Hogan’s Heroes colonel Werner Klemperer (1920-2008), the world-renown mime, Marcel Marceau (1923-2007), MAD Magazine illustrator Mort Drucker (1929) and TV evangelist Pat Robertson (The 700 Club) and composer Stephen Sondheim were both born in 1930.

Continuing the list are; the ubiquitous superstar actor William Shatner (1931), Utah senator Orrin Hatch (1934), actor M. Emmit Walsh (1935), jazz great George Benson (1943), author James Patterson (1947), TV journalist Wolf Blitzer and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber (both born in 1948), sportscaster Bob Costas (1952) and actor Matthew Modine was born in 1959.

Rounding out this post with a flurry are; former San Jose Shark Todd Ewen (1966), figure skating phenom Elvis Stojko (1972), actress Reese Witherspoon (1976), Limp Bizkit drummer John Otto and NHL journeyman Tom Poti were born in 1977 and Houston Texans’ defensive stalwart J.J. Watt was born in 1989.

Many happy more to you, Sandee…I will make a personal goal to make an appearance in my “sister” state in the not-to-distant future…and I hope you and Selena enjoy your day today (her most recent acquisition, a German Shepherd “puppy”)…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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