# CCXCVII…”…Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”…

On this first day of Spring 2015, we in the New York area are bracing for yet another blast from Old Man Winter.  With up to six inches of the damnable white stuff coming, it’s a great thing that March 20 also happens to be the birthdate of late TV host Fred Rogers (1928-2003), who hosted the show (in case you’re too young) “Mister Rogers Neighborhood”; the title of this post was part of the opening theme (sung my Mr. Rogers himself) from 1968 to 2011.

A member of the Television Hall of Fame (rightfully so), Mr. Rogers’ iconic presence was never forced on the youngsters but he became a household icon because of the show which he created to combat some of the “bad programming” of the late sixties and early seventies…an icon who, to this day, is still cherished and revered.

On that note, the rest of the birthday list shows; late game show host Jack Barry (1918-1984), director Carl Reiner (1922), former Barney Miller star Hal Linden (1931), late country star/actor Jerry Reed (1937-2008), and former Lakers and Knicks coach Pat Riley was born in 1945.

Also celebrating today are former alien “Q” from Star Trek‘s spin offs, John de Lancie (1948), guitarist Jimmie Vaughn (Stevie Ray’s brother…plays guitar, too) was born in 1951, radio journalist Mike Francesa (1954), director supreme Spike Lee (1957), former New Orleans Saints’ mainstay Rickey Jackson (1958) and former WCW/TNA and current WWE superstar Sting, who will be competing at the upcoming pay-per-view, was born in 1959.

Finishing today’s post are; actress/furniture designer Kathy Ireland (1963) and current Stone Temple Pilots (and former Linkin Park) frontman Chester Bennington (1976).

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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