# CCXCV…Saturday Spotlight, Vol. XXIII…Lindsey Stirling…

In regards to a conversation that arose between my youngest daughter, Erin, and myself, it is with great pleasure that I really expand my thoughts to my audience about someone whose beautiful music has truly inspired me, as a writer…Miss Lindsey Stirling, a feisty dynamo with a violin.  As far as her being an inspiration to me, I will sum it up with a direct quote from Wikipedia that had caught my eye; “But the only reason I’m successful is because I’ve stayed true to myself!”

Her addition to this pantheon of great artists featured in the Saturday Spotlight is not unmerited, either, for although she has only released two studio albums, she has done collaborative works with artists such as Pentatonix, John Legend and The Piano Guys and she is one of the top stars on YouTube.  Miss Stirling’s penchant for teaching herself how to manipulate a violin WHILE feeding her penchant for dancing, though, is what truly makes her stick out as a rising star in the music industry.

Some of my favorite tracks from her include such hits as “Shadows” (the video features her in a dance “battle” with her own silhouette), “Roundtable Rival” (favorite song chosen by my daughter as well; video features a “steampunk” setting with an awesomely choreographed “music duel”), the title cut from her second album, “Shatter Me”, which features vocals by Lzzy Hale (from Halestorm), and “Moon Trance”, which the video pays homage to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video, with dancing zombies in a graveyard and very well executed.

If you haven’t checked out this pixie-like superstar-in-the-making, you really should, as her music is nothing short of astonishing.  Her continued success in the music industry is a testament to how this world should be.  She continues to amaze me and her non-bubblegum status as a megastar with very little radio airplay is something that, hopefully, will “shatter” the monotony of today’s so-called musicians!

/,,,/ ROCK ON LINDSEY \,,,\


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