# CCXCIII…Former Co-worker’s AND Chuck Norris, Too…

Today’s date, March 10, is forever cemented in my psyche as the birthday of a former co-worker, Emilio, who I had the honor of working alongside for over twenty years.  In those years, we were always civil to each other and, at times, he was almost like a father-type that always tried to get me to do the right things (which, a lot of the time, I ignored).  No matter how much time has passed that I haven’t worked with him, today is the one day where I will acknowledge him, as I cannot seem to forget many people’s birthdays.

Also, on today’s list, it is the 75th birthday of martial arts action star, Chuck Norris…who doesn’t really celebrate his birthday; the calendar celebrates him (sorry for my horrible attempt at a Chuck Norris-meme)…not much else to be said about him except that the jokes based on his demeanor are amazingly funny!

On the list for today are such notable names as; late assassin James Earl Ray (1928-1998), late terrorist Osama bin Laden (1957-2011), actress/model (and wife of Gene Simmons) Shannon Tweed (1957), sportscaster Pam Oliver (1961), current Oakland Raiders defensive coach (and former player) Rod Woodson (1965), songstress Edie Brickell (1966) and singer Matt Barlow from Iced Earth was born in 1970.

Rapper Timbaland was born in 1972, singer/actor Robin Thicke was born in 1977, singer Carrie Underwood came to us in 1983 and singer/actress Emily Osment turns 23 today (1992)!

From the left and hoping Chuck Norris’ memes are sweeping the Internet…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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