# CCXCII…”Here’s Johnny!”…

The above title, aside from being the creepiest words to come out of Jack Nicholson’s mouth (in “The Shining”), was actually heard every weekday night as spoken by our honoree, the late Ed McMahon (1923-2009).  From 1962 to 1992, Ed McMahon would greet his “Tonight Show” audience with that phrase.  A former Marine like my father, his career spanned from 1957 to his death in 2009, consisting of co-hosting TV’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes (with the ever-missed Dick Clark) and hosting the original “American Idol”-type show Star Search from 1983 to 1995.

His sense of humor and demanding presence were key to his success and he will be sorely missed…

Also celebrating today are; late comedian Lou Costello (1906-1959), late “Love Is Strange” singer Sylvia Robinson of Mickey & Sylvia (1936-2011), former songstress of The Supremes, Mary Wilson (1944), former Pink Floyd singer/guitarist David Gilmour (1946), actor/director Rob Reiner (1947) and bassist of metallers Manowar, Mr. Joey DeMaio was born in 1954.

Comedian Tom Arnold was born in 1959, comedian D.L. Hughley (1963), Marilyn Manson keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy was born in 1964, New York’s own Michael Romeo (from the group Symphony X) was born in 1968, Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick (1970), former wrestler Val Venis was born in 1971 and Newark, NJ’s own NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal was born in 1972.

Finishing the list are; rapper Beanie Sigel (1974), wrestler Ken “Misterrrrrr” Anderson (1976), rapper Bubba Sparxxx (1977) and wrestling scion David Flair was born in 1979.

Thus concludes this view from the left…until next time…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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