# CCLXVIII…Year 3 Begins…& Year 2’s Numbers!

When “Dal’s Music Note$” was created in December of 2012, I had envisioned for this to become something more than just your average, run-of-the-mill place for witnessing a writer’s attempt in gaining relevancy.  Some two years (and many view spikes) later, it appears to me that my persistent efforts of bombarding my “fans”…aka those who have viewed every post (yes, there are some out there)…every other day paid off in 2014, as I have garnered a significant “growth spurt”, as the following is about to unveil.

In 2014, I managed to post 132 times, from January 3rd to December 30th, or an unheard of 11 posts per month.  In that time, the month with the most views was in August (great month for concerts, etc.), when I was graced with an amazing total of 247 views.  In contrast, however, the shortest month of the year, February, was my nadir (lowest point…thanks Metallica, for that vocabulary addition) with a paltry 45 views occurred.

In addition to August’s climax in views, that month also saw my greatest views-per-day, when on August 5, my “interview” post (please see Post # CCXVII, as I am proud of my attempt) garnered a whopping 35 views on that day.  It would also finish as the second largest viewed post of the year, which is surprising because that was also the month where I witnessed RockStar Mayhem (the mega concert on the 2nd, Post # CCXVI) AND the awesome Alice Cooper/Motley Crüe show on the 30th (# CCXXVIII)!

All in all, the year presented me with an unprecedented 1625 views, for an average of 135.416 (long division, no calculator LOL) for the twelve month span.

Now, I will present to you my “country” view list, as it has grown from last year’s paltry 22 to an amazing 67 different nations!  I warn you; this is a bit (understatement) extensive but the only reason I am informing you is because of the overwhelming amount of PRIDE that I put into this hobby.

The following countries provided me with the low end of my view counter (for the record, the United States is and will always be first, as that’s where most of my “fans” are!); Brazil (154), Philippines (30), India (19), Italy (18), Russian Federation and Portugal (11), United Kingdom/Mexico/Canada (10), France, Argentina, Spain, Japan, Chile, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Germany, Malaysia, Belgium, Sweden, Thailand, Greece, Lebanon, Belarus, Ukraine, Peru, Serbia, Indonesia, Netherlands, Angola, Venezuela, Poland, Turkey, Taiwan, Colombia, Cyprus, Albania, Malta, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Tunisia, Algeria, Pakistan, Nicaragua, Ireland, Côte d’Ivoire, Bolivia, Slovenia, Hungary, Iraq, Denmark, Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Macao, New Zealand, Romania, Mongolia, New Caledonia, Qatar, Finland, Croatia, State of Palestine, Georgia, and finally Uruguay!  Thank you to the denizens of the above countries for keeping me here, doing this.

I will conclude this post by relaying my major resolution…which is the same that it’s been since I started this…as I am still trying to procure a change from freelance, unpaid blogger to writing for a paycheck!  That being said, this post is to enlighten you that I am on the positive side of things…meaning I am still headed in the right direction!

Thank you to all for a brilliant 2014 and may all of your wishes and dreams come true in this shiny new year of 2015…and, as always…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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