# CCLXXVIII…In Memoriam: Jeff Hanneman, Slayer (1964-2013)…

Today marks what would have been the 51st birthday of one of the greatest metal guitarists to ever grace the rock stage; Slayer’s late guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who was born in 1964 in Oakland.  Mr. Hanneman has almost single-handedly been responsible for some of the most brilliant pieces of heavy metal in the last quarter century.  A chance meeting with Kerry King, while Jeff was working as a telemarketer and Kerry was auditioning for another band, prompted the two to go on and form the metal giants.

As a performer, his playing prowess is matched by a select few; his composition of Slayer hits like “Reign in Blood”, “War Ensemble” and “Angel of Death” (among others) have placed him in the upper echelon of guitar masters.  He has also influenced many other guitar greats, like Robb Flynn (from Machine Head), Dino Cazares (of Fear Factory), and Mark Morton from Lamb of God, to name a few.

A light that was taken too soon…and will forever be missed…

Now, for the other celebrators; # 42, aka Jackie Robinson (1919-1972), actress Carol Channing (1921), late Chicago Cubs star Ernie Banks (1931-01/23/15), veteran actor Johnathan Banks (who was in movies like “Freejack” with Emilio Estevez and Mick Jagger, and “Breaking Bad” {and its’ spinoff, “Better Call Saul”}) and seven-time no-hitter pitcher Nolan Ryan were born in 1947, and former Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg was born in 1954.

Veteran actress Kelly Lynch (1959), former Nirvana drummer Chad Channing (1967), actress Minnie Driver (1970), actress Portia de Rossi (current wife of Ellen DeGeneres) was born in 1973, actress Kerry Washington, from hits like Django Unchained and the current TV hit “Scandal”, was born in 1977, and multi-faceted superstar Justin Timberlake was born in 1981.

On another blog note, this has been the best January in the three years that I’ve been doing this…still not getting paid but that’s not why I do this…I am happy with my creation and thank you to all who have been or are viewing, as I would not be here without you!

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# CLI…”Composing” a Birthday List…

Too snowblind to be original today…enjoy!!!!

Dal's Music Note$

On this date, January 27th, it has been brought to my attention that two people that I know personally (one through my job and the other through my hobby) share a birthday today.  With that having been said, I am using this space to acknowledge their joyous celebrations (Happy birthday to Veronica and Lulu {used to own Lulu’s in Port Jefferson, which I’ve written about here} and many happy more) and to give them the honor of reading the list of famous names that share their special day.

The list begins with the reason for the bad pun in my title:  Mr. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the world-renown composer, was born on this date (1756-1791) and is continued with:  Lewis Carroll, the author of the famous “Alice in Wonderland” books (1832-1898); Pittsburgh Steelers founder Art Rooney (1901-1988); journalist/publisher William Randolph Hearst, Jr. (1908-1993); the creator of “Alvin & The Chipmunks”, Ross…

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# CCLXXVII…”Break My Stride”…

The odd, one-hit wonder that is today’s title is due to the fact that the singer of the track, Mr. Matthew Wilder, created it in 1984 (the year fellow twin Mary Lou Retton {1968} won the Gold Medal in the Olympics) and was born on this date in 1953.  The evil earworm is now stuck in my head because it truly relates to me on a personal level.

Expanding that point, there really is no one (excluding myself) that can break my stride when it relates to my creation of this blog three years ago…I’ve had good times and bad times, highs (LOL) and lows, like anyone else, but I have kept up with it and, in response to more recent feedback received, I know that this is my calling.  Whether or not it will expand further in the future remains to be seen…

Moving on to prevent further embarrassment, today would have been the birthday of long-time veteran actor Ernest Borgnine (1917-2012), late evangelist Oral Roberts (1918-2009), The Amazing Spider-Man artist John Romita, Sr. (1930), singer Ray Stevens (1939) and “Sweet Caroline” singer (sorry, Red Sox fan, you know) Neil Diamond was born in 1941.

Singer Aaron Neville of The Neville Brothers was born in 1941, late actress Sharon Tate, who was married to Roman Polanski (who supposedly had an affair with another birthday twin, actress Nastassja Kinski (1961)), was born in 1943 {1943-1969}, late comedy genius John Belushi (1949-1982), and Russian comedian Yakov Smirnoff joined us in 1951.

Jools Holland, the singer of the 80s band Squeeze, was born in 1958, wrestling journalist/sometime performer Vince Russo was born in 1961; late ECW/WCW wrestling superstar (I call him that because of his awesome feuds with Masato Tanaka in ECW) Mike Awesome (1965-2007), actor/voice over icon Phil LaMarr (1967); “Shaggy” from the recent Scooby-Doo movies, Matthew Lillard, was born in 1970, and actress Tatyana Ali from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air turns 36 today (1979).

This edition from the left will self-destruct in five seconds…

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# CCLXXVI…”The Flash” and Deja Vu…

As I have stated on here previously, I am a huge fan of both CW series “Arrow” and “The Flash”.  However, most of you, especially if you were born after the 90s, are probably unaware that, previously to this season’s reboot, there was another series in 1990 that shared “The Flash” as a title.

In the 1990 series, which only lasted one season, the title character was portrayed by little-known soap opera actor John Wesley Shipp, who celebrates his 60th birthday today (1955).  Unbeknownst to all of you is the added fact that Mr. Shipp is currently one of three actors to appear in BOTH versions…he is currently playing Barry Allen’s father, Henry; actress Amanda Pays, who played scientist Tina McGee, reprised that role in an episode this year; and an upcoming episode has veteran actor Mark Hamill reprising his role as “The Trickster”.  How’s that for déjà vu?

Today’s birthday twins for whoever celebrates are late singer Sam Cooke (1931-1964), the original “David Banner” from “The Incredible Hulk” TV series, the late Bill Bixby (1934-1993), Journey frontman Steve Perry (1949), actor Chris Lemmon (1954), and former L.A. Guns and W.A.S.P. drummer Steve Reilly was born in 1956.

It is also the birthdays of actress Linda Blair (1959), late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence (1960-1997), former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler (1965), DJ Jazzy Jeff (also 1965), actor/musician Balthazar Getty (1975), Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody (1981), football superstar/pariah Ray Rice (1987), and Gene’s offspring, actor/singer Nick Simmons was born in 1989.

Tune in next time and please spread the word…thank you!

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# CCLXXV…”Tonight, You Belong to Me”…

As I know most of you don’t know where that’s from, I will tell you that it is the title of a song released on Paul Stanley’s (lead guitarist of KISS) 1978 album, Paul Stanley, which was released (along with solo albums of ALL members of the band at the height of their initial popularity) in 1978.  Paul’s unique voice and unending commitment to quality have proven why he has been (and always WILL BE) a rock-n-roll icon.

Born on this date in 1952 in Queens, NY, the heavy metal idol is also an accomplished entrepreneur, as he and co-creator of KISS, Gene Simmons, also own the Arena Football League’s L.A. KISS, making him an all-around jack-of-all-trades.

Today is also celebrated by; late comedian George Burns (1896-1996), late “Star Trek” doctor Deforest Kelly (1920-1999), “Laugh-In” comedian Arte Johnson (1929), former astronaut Buzz Aldrin (1930), director David Lynch (1946), and comedian/talk show host Bill Maher was born in 1956.

Also celebrating today are actor Lorenzo Lamas (1958), current MLB manager (and former player in my childhood) Ozzie Guillen (1964), country star John Michael Montgomery (1965), L.A. Guns frontman Tracii Guns (1966), and Sid Wilson, who music fans may remember as # 0 (or DJ Starscream) from the rock giants Slipknot, was born in 1977.

Thank you all for listening…be back soon from the left…

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# CCLXXIV…”Mikey”s Milestone…



The above photo is of one of the most treasured items in my possession, a birthday gift from today’s birthday celebrator, my good friend Mike Reinke, who turns a young 35 years old today.  It was given to me about ten years ago (sorry, time speeds by for those of us elder people) and, although I believe it “may” be worth something due to the fact that the action figure is wearing # 35 (which I don’t think Nabby ever wore), it is never for sale so I don’t know its value…because it’s a priceless artifact for me.

The reason that I have posted this here is because, in this messed up, commercialized society that we live in, I truly value this piece for the simple reason that my friend, who was there for me in my absolute WORST of times, is still a major part in my life and will always be a member of my “family”.  For you see, I have come to realize that, in this life, blood may be thicker than water but there are even fewer people who have touched my life positively…of which, “Mikey” will always be in the Top Three!

In breaking with tradition, I will now present his list of “twins”; symphonic metal giants Epica’s lead singer Simone Simons (1985), current TNA star Samuel Shaw (1984), NBA superstar Dwayne Wade (1982), comedian Zooey Deschanel from “The New Girl” and “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” (1980), former wrestling star Kevin Fertig, who Mikey will know as “Kevin Thorn” (ECW) and “Mordecai” (WWE), was born in 1977, and musical superstar Kid Rock was born in 1971.

Continuing this monumental list for this special occasion are “Hotel Transylvania” director (and “Dexter’s Laboratory”/”Samurai Jack” producer) Genndy Tartakovsky (1970), NHL journeyman (also former San Jose Shark/TV commentator) Jeremy Roenick (1970), rapper Shabba Ranks (1966), First Lady Michelle Obama (1964) and Jim Carrey (1962), who played the role of another January 17th celebrator, late comedian Andy Kaufman (1949-1984).

Moving on, we also have former baseballer Chili Davis (1960), The Bangles’ frontwoman Susanna Hoffs (1959), comedian/talk show host Steve Harvey (1957), singer Paul Young {“Everytime You Go Away”, among others} (1956), country star Steve Earle (1955), American lawyer/radio host Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (1954) and former Rolling Stones’ guitarist Mick Taylor was born in 1949.

Finishing today’s extensive list are pugilistic legend Muhammad Ali (1942), talk show host Maury Povich (1939), late TV puppeteer Shari Lewis (1933-1998), late baseball coach/player/manager Don Zimmer (1931-2014), the ubiquitous voice of Darth Vader, Mr. James Earl Jones (1931), late hairstyling entrepreneur Vidal Sassoon (1928-2012), late actress Eartha “Catwoman” Kitt (1927-2008), and long-time comedienne and truly a light on this planet still, Ms. Betty White was born in 1922.

Sorry to have taken up so much of your time…but this was a story that HAD to be shared…thank you and, to Mikey, MANY HAPPY MORE, BRO!!!

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# CCLXXII…Not a “Flash” in the Pan…

I apologize for the bad pun again but today’s post is about former Glee star Grant Gustin, who is more prevalently known now as Barry Allen in the hit show, The Flash.  Born in 1990, he played Sebastian Smythe on the Fox sing-a-long series until landing the role of The Flash.

A brilliant actor that gives a real good interpretation of the character, at least, according to the comics, he is doing a wonderful job and I hope the series lasts quite a long time.

Also, celebrating today are late “60 Minutes” reporter Andy Rooney (1919-2011), actress Faye Dunaway (1941), “Apollo Creed”, aka Carl Weathers (1948), former wrestler “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan (1954), Queensryche vocalist Geoff Tate (1959) and former vocalist for the band White Lion, Mike Tramp, was born in 1961.

Former Nightwish member Marco Hietala (1966), actor/producer Dan Schneider (1966), Black Label Society’s frontman and former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde (1967), actor/rapper LL Cool J (1968) and former Nirvana drummer and lead vocalist/guitarist for The Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, finish today’s post.

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