# CXXXIX…December 8th and its’ significance…

Since you shouldn’t mess with perfection…

Dal's Music Note$

For those of the uninitiated, December 8th will never be forgotten in the rock music industry, as it just happens to hold the distinction of being one of the truly dark days, as two of the most prominent members of the community were killed on this day.  The deaths of both former Beatle legend John Lennon (1980) and iconic Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell (2004) make this date the equivalent of the “Day of Infamy” for rock-n-roll music.

As I mentioned on last year’s post (on “thelefthandedviewofmusicbydal”, December 6th), their deaths will forever be remembered because of the way their deaths were played out; assassin Mark David Chapman was a man who had a lot of disdain for John Lennon, due to Mr. Chapman’s religious views which played a pivotal role in his decision to murder him and Dimebag’s assailant, Nathan Gale, had a personal grudge against Dimebag, although we will…

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