# CXXXIV…”Mi familia”…

Not typing that much this morning…

Dal's Music Note$

If two or more people in my personal life share a birthday, it is a such a rare occurrence that it almost screams for a celebrity birthday post.  Just the fact that I seem to have this “obsession” is maddening enough…it’s really more frightening to me as a writer when the two individuals aren’t in my life as much but I still have wonderful things to say.

The two individuals referred to in today’s post are my ex-sister-in-law, Irenne, who has always been civil towards me (well, not in a while, as we haven’t spoken in quite some time) and a friend of one of my nephews’ friends named John {Author admission:  I don’t usually use full names, as to protect the innocent LOL}.  Ironically, both were born today and it wasn’t until just recently that the connection was made.

As mentioned moments ago, these two individuals have done no…

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