# CCL (250!)… The Birthday Massacre, Part 2 (of 3)…

Back in October, I had the time and resources to donate a measly 15 dollars to a website called PledgeMusic, which was set up to be a financial assistance for funding the upcoming sixth album from the Canadian quintet known as The Birthday Massacre.  I had actually just given the donation for the “prize” at the end; an autographed postcard from the band (which is why I’ve set this up as a three-parter now), but being that I was on the list of contributors, I received another prize…a three-day early download of the ENTIRE upcoming release, “Superstition”!!

The album, which isn’t available to you, my fans, until this Tuesday, November 11 (MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS!!!!), is a solid romp through the purple-and-black “bunny land” that fans of the band (like myself) have been patiently waiting for.  From the first track, “Divide”, to the instrumental final song, “Trinity”, it is filled with the synth-rock beauty that we’ve all come to know and adore.  Also, as a pledger, I also received preview tracks (“Destroyer”, the fourth track, features a minor spotlight on Chibi’s growling capacity, and the eighth track, “Beyond”, an uptempo track which just flows through you because it’s so smooth), which further whetted my appetite to how great this album is!

This upcoming release also features the “mandatory” love song (fifth track, a five minute beauty titled “Surrender”) as well as the bouncy sixth track, “Oceania” and the gritty-styled penultimate (ninth of ten) track, “The Other Side”!

If you haven’t made this band part of your collection yet, this album will be a great jump-on point, as it has all of the elements that have made them one of my favorites, as far as recent additions go.  It will also be a brilliant way to introduce yourselves to better, untouched artists in today’s “bubblegum” world…

In closing, this album, “Superstition” = *****

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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