# CCXLVI…Metallica’s 4th Bassist…

Celebrating his 40th today is the most current bass player for my Number 2 band, Metallica…the ever-impressive Robert Trujillo, whose previous bands include such high profile names as Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, and Black Label Society.  In case you’re not privy to the band, however, you would think that he’s the third bassist (behind the late legendary Cliff Burton and former bassist now with his own band, Jason Newsted).  {Little known fact; Metallica’s first bassist, a man named Ron McGovney, was not with the band when Kill ‘Em All was released!}

Robert Trujillo, however, admirably filled the shoes left by Burton and Newsted…I saw Metallica for the first time a few years ago (citation pending…I believe I still have the ticket) and, with the band opening the concert with their hit “Battery”, was just astonished by his playing, as he beautifully performed every song like he’d been there since Day One!  A very Happy Birthday on this milestone…and many happy more!!

Also, today would have been the 89th birthday of talk show mogul Johnny Carson (1925-2005).  It is the birthday, as well, of golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez (1935), former (original) New York Cosmos star Pele (1940), Motörhead guitarist Wurzel (1949), country superstar/actor Dwight Yoakam was born in 1956, and “Evil Dead” director Sam Raimi was born in 1959.

Also born in 1959 was comedian/actor/singer “Weird” Al Yankovic, former NFL quarterback (who heyday was actually his college years) Doug Flutie was born in 1962, former MLB pitcher (Yankees and Mets’ alum) Al Leiter was born in 1965, and actor Ryan Reynolds (who will hopefully be cast as “Deadpool” in the pending movie) joined this planet in 1976.

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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