# CCXXXVI…Dual Milestones (200th Post & Fan’s 30th)…

Today not only marks the official first day of Autumn but it is also the thirtieth birthday of a fan of this blog…a young, strong-willed woman named Bibi, who just happens to work in my industry.  A fan of this blog since I gave her the information, Bibi is a no-nonsense, go-getter who also happens to be a fan of comic books (maybe even more than my own fandom, which has decreased in recent years), as made evident by our conversations about things like the upcoming seasons of “Arrow” and “The Flash”, among others.

To Bibi, have a blessed happy birthday and many happy more…

As for your birthday twins, we will start the list with former L.A. Dodgers manager, Tommy Lasorda (1927), 80s one-hit wonder Toni Basil (song “Oh, Mickey) was born in 1943, former vocalist for the 80s hair band Whitesnake, Mr. David Coverdale was born in 1951, actress/singer Shari Belafonte (1954), actress/singer Debby Boone (1956), and opera star Andrea Bocelli was born in 1958.

Also born today are former singer for The Runaways (and solo artist) Joan Jett was born in 1958, former “Joanie Loves Chaci” and “Charles in Charge” star Scott Baio was born in 1960, actresses Bonnie Hunt and Catherine Oxenberg were born in 1961, actor/rapper Mystikal was born in 1970, and everyone’s favorite “Supergirl”, Smallville‘s Laura Vandervoort turns 30 today, too (1984).

Have a beautiful birthday, Bibi…and, to all others, carpe diem…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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