# CCXXIX…Southpaw Birthday Greetings…

Today, September 3, is the birthday of a prominent member of the Southpaw Nation; King’s X lead singer/bassist Doug Pinnick, who was born on this date in 1950.  This 64 year old phenom is not only responsible for King’s X’s success since the late 80s but he’s also a very accomplished musician who has also fronted multiple side projects and guest vocal appearances, most recently a group called Grinder Blues…check him out.

Today’s birthday list also includes Glen Bell (1923-2010), who founded Taco Bell, MAD Magazine artist Mort Drucker (1923), former MTV veejay (and host of the original Headbanger’s Ball) Adam Curry was born in 1964, actor/comedian Charlie Sheen (1965), and snowboarding mogul Shawn White was born in 1986.

Also, since I don’t do this very often, it is also the thirteenth year since the original Yellow Ranger, Thuy Trang, was killed in a car crash in 2001.  I only mention it because she was very prominent in the scene when I was growing up and hadn’t remembered the event…RIP Thuy Trang, 12/14/73 – 09/03/01.

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

PS:  Tomorrow’s concert will more than likely be spoken about on Saturday…Sonata Arctica/Delain/Xandria/Scintilla should be awesome!!!!


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