# CCXXVIII…Alice Cooper/Motley Crue @ PNC, August 30…

Once in a lifetime, an opportunity comes along to witness your own little “slice of Heaven”…whatever it may be, and The Powers-That-Be actually reward you for sticking it out and witnessing said event.  Last night’s concert at PNC Bank, which is actually smaller (capacity-wise) than the Susquehanna Bank Center, where we saw Mayhem, featured two acts that would have melted our faces off back in the day; the originator of “shock rock”, Mr. Alice Cooper and the “Bad Boys of Rock-n-Roll”, Motley Crue.

Please don’t misunderstand; the fact that, after 30 plus years of entertaining the rock masses worldwide, I have NO complaints upon bearing witness to the supreme combination of the two bands.  As far as the “entertainment” aspect of the show, both bands were on the ball with everything you could expect…and then some.

On the whole, we did arrive at the tail end of the set for Alice Cooper (sorry, pregame party ran a little late)…but, being that it was for the “Nightmare” inducer, what I saw from this 66 year old icon was a fifteen on a scale of 1 to 10.  In a set that featured such classics as “Welcome to My Nightmare” and “Feed My Frankenstein”, Alice Cooper (the man) had given the crowd a real treat, disappearing in a puff of smoke behind an “electrocution”-type theatrical event, where he came back on stage in a full Frankenstein outfit to finish that tune.  He also finished the set with a combo of “School’s Out” combined with Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2”, which was just a fantastic finish to a brilliant set.

For a show that is being billed as their “Farewell” concert, Motley Crue performed brilliantly for a band that has been on the scene for thirty-three years.  Starting the night with a more recent tune, “The Saints of Los Angeles”, they proceeded to kick teeth all night, with a huge amount of visual “eye candy” for the masses.  Throughout their set, which included such classics as “Wild Side”, “Primal Scream”, the token ballad, “Without You” (which, Vince Neil stated might have been responsible for creating half of the younger audience), and “Girls, Girls, Girls”, they were on-point with keeping the crowd enthralled with their performance.

Also, as a side note, there were other things that took place which stood out, as far as theatrics; the “flamethrower” bass of Nikki Sixx during “Shout At The Devil”, which shot flames forty feet out on command, the audience participation during the classic “Smokin’ In The Boys’ Room” was really great, they performed a cover of the old punk song “Anarchy in the UK” (brilliantly done BTW), and the “story time” that Nikki Sixx pulled off in the middle of the show, where he actually told Motley Crue’s origins, all the while instructing the crowd to “sit and listen”, literally, to his tale.

It was Mick Mars’ mastery of his guitar, however, which REALLY stood out, during a four-minute solo which, if you were looking at the screens to view (and tripping on acid), was just an awesome visual masterpiece as well.

Finishing the show with more classics like “Live Wire” (which directly followed the previously mentioned solo), “Too Young to Fall in Love”, and “Kickstart My Heart”, they finished with their ubiquitous hit, “Home Sweet Home”, to send the thralls home in the greatest of states.

Overall, this was a show that, had it been seen twenty years ago, might have had no impact on my life, as both bands did not have the experience which, last night, showed why they have been in this industry as long as they have.  Last night’s show, however, will go down in my history book as a wonderful addition to my memories.

RATINGS:  Alice Cooper *****    /   Motley Crue *****

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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