# CCXXVII…Social Media Experiment, Part II…

To continue from my previous post, I am sending this note to all within earshot…I like writing (I’ve had some pretty awesome statements from outsiders) and the fact that I’ve been here on WordPress for 2 years plus says something (I don’t know what) about persistence.  But still, I am feeling that this could be better.

I mean, when it comes to writing on here, it’s not too difficult for me to run through my memories and experiences from 40+ years on the planet…but a lot of my readers may be way younger or way older.  I don’t know because, although the view counter keeps going up, I have no idea WHO has been reading my post.

I posted my e-mail in Part 1…Part 2 says, “Drop me a line; on Twitter (@dalsharq2445), on my e-mail (dalsharq2445@gmail.com) or POST A COMMENT ON HERE!!!”  Also, my real name is how you find me on Facebook or Google…may be a BIG mistake but I’m hoping that internet users will open their minds and let me know if something needs to be covered or just to expand my own horizons (as my interview a while ago did)…

NOTE:  If you decide to get a hold of me, please reference “Dal’s Music Note$” in your subject…so I’ll know…

Thank you for your kind attention…now go back to your lives…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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