# CCXXI…Int’l. Left-hander’s Day Birthday List

As I mentioned last year, today is a day where, aside from my birthday and all of my family member’s birthdays, that I am really excited about.  In 1976, it was declared International Left-hander’s Day (by whatever Powers-That-Be) to celebrate our uniqueness and not to mention the fact that we are discriminated against (we live in a predominantly right-handed world, after all).  While people use the term “minority” to express religion or color or wealth, I consider myself (and ALL southpaws) the “only true minority”, as we consist of about seven to 10 percent of the population…Just food for thought…

Also, today is the birthday of a good friend of my family, Pakee Ristine, who (although she is right-handed) deserves a shoutout, as it is just sheer coincidence that her birthday is today. Although she has had her share of heartbreaking and soul-shaking moments in her personal life, she has not let those diminish her inner light, which is a key to being a great person.  She is someone that, if you’re in her good side, there isn’t anything that she wouldn’t do FOR you; subsequently, if you’re not, there isn’t anything that she wouldn’t do TO you…Happy birthday, Pakee and many happy more!

Now, for today’s birthday celebrators; awesome director Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980), late golfer Ben Hogan (1912-1997), former Cuban leader Fidel Castro (1926), actor Pat Harrington, Jr., who played Schneider in the old show One Day at a Time, was born in 1929, late Hawaiian singer Don Ho (1930-2007), and Sha Na Na singer Scott Powell was born in 1948.

Also celebrating today are former WWF/E star “Jumpin'” Jim Brunzell (1949), former talk show host (and Partridge Family child star) Danny Bonaduce (1959), local weatherman Sam Champion (1961), comedienne/actress Dawnn Lewis (A Different World) was born in 1961 and former ECW/WWE superstar Spike Dudley was born in 1970.

For now, I will step off my soapbox…but this day, for the sheer fact that it is “our” day, should be a holiday…Don’t know why it’s not…the last 6 presidents are/were southpaws…



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