# CCXIX…Saturday Spotlight, Vol. XXII…Kix, “Rock Your Face Off”…

When I first heard that this band was releasing their first album in 18 years a couple of months ago, I had that usual, uneasy feeling that something along the lines of Chinese Democracy (Guns ‘N Roses 10 year debacle) was going to happen…although I had seen Kix a few years ago at The Crazy Donkey here on the Island, I was weird about the whole “What have you done for us lately?” questions that come about when a rock band makes a “comeback”.  Would they put out materials that were even worthy of us fans possessing?  Where do they go from here? and so on…and this album, without a doubt, shows WHY they are still considered one of rock-n-roll’s finest creators.

Founded before most of you were in diapers (1977), they put on an awesome show at The Crazy Donkey that I was more than happy to have experienced.  Performing such timeless classics as “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” and “Girl Money”, to name a few, their overall performance drove even the younger crowd into a frenzy.  Vocalist Steve Whiteman, along with co-founders Brian Forsythe and Ronnie “10/10” Younkins (both guitar), drummer Jimmy Chalfant and bassist Mark Schenker rocked the house and it was a definite pleasure witnessing them live!  The fact that they dropped off the radar for more than fifteen years, however, is NOT AT ALL REFLECTED IN THIS MASTERPIECE!!!!

From the opening track, a crisp, five-star romp called “Wheels in Motion”, the album is just non-stop Kix at their finest…moving slow bluesy jams (second track, “You’re Gone”, deals with relationship issues), to five-star rock-n-roll anthems (title track, “Rock Your Face Off” and the final track “Rock & Roll Showdown”, as well as the standard “hair metal love ballad”, the eighth track, “Inside Outside Inn”), they truly show why the have the longevity that they have enjoyed.  Even such “standard” Kix fare as the perverse mind of Steve Whiteman can produce; “Rollin’ in Honey”, “Dirty Girls” and “Tail on the Wag” are just three classics from this album which are almost X-rated, in a good way.

Overall, it is a pure piece of perfection which I am happy to have enjoyed in its’ entirety…and I’m sure that you (otherwise I wouldn’t be here) will appreciate it as well…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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