# CCXVII…Guitarists Needed (or When Opportunity Knocks)…

Being that I am an unpaid neophyte with a very fickle hobby, I would just like to say that, since making the decision to really put the word out about my writing, the universe has been very kind to me.  I would like to just say that I am supremely honored by the opportunity which has led this aspiring author to your machines today.  I would like to warn you, however, as this is not my usual fare on this page.  Instead of drilling your mind full of celebrity birthdays and other useless trivia, I am trying to assist another aspiring performer in the music business to fulfill their dreams as I am of mine.

I grew up in a family of people that were constantly listening to whatever was popular music at the time, most of which can now be classified under the many different layouts; country, classic rock, hard rock, hair metal, etc.  I have heard many different sounds and some that vary completely from what the other members now listen to…almost like a black sheep, with bands like Delain, Within Temptation (symphonic metal) and the other bands that I’ve mentioned.

When it comes to the metal aspect of the rock genre, I have noticed that most people unfairly stigmatize it as “death, murder, mutilation”, etc. and really frown upon it; that irks me because I feel that, if you truly wish to love music, you have to pick it apart (sometimes that requires an outside vice or two) because, only then you get to experience the how’s and why’s in the music.

As I’ve mentioned on this blog numerous times, I started writing both as a way to vent my frustrations with my life and because I feel that I have a knack for educating people to an area of their lives which is severely lacking…a penchant for music that supersedes (or should supersede, anyway) what they are currently listening to.  Please don’t mistake this fact…I don’t try to “push” people in any direction forcefully; I am merely trying to “open the eyes” as to what I consider to be music that should be respected and appreciated.

Now, the reason that you’re all here will be explained.  On Friday, at RockStar Mayhem, I had the pleasure of meeting Roxana Christine, an up-and-coming vocalist who is currently in need of some assistance with personnel.  She was introduced to me by her partner, Michelle, and it was actually Michelle that initiated the contact over seeing my concert T (Lamb of God, Testament show from October).

She has asked for my assistance in her current quest for serious inquiries for a female-fronted “djent”-style metalcore band, which would be around her area in Hazlet, NJ (which is a plus for me, as I’m from Jersey).  As such, she has also provided me with this opportunity; my first written (albeit small-market at the moment) interview…


1)  How old are you and how did you get into the music scene?  “I am 24, born in Bucharest, Romania…my father raised me on stuff like Boston, Styx, Rush, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pink Floyd and plenty more.  I started getting into the death metal when I was about 14-15 years old.”

2)  Who are your favorite bands and/or influences?  “Although I was listening to bands like Evanescence, Otep, Cannibal Corpse, Slipknot, Korn, etc., I got into more styles and, the first time I heard Lamb of God, I was hooked…loved the fast guitar riffs, the crazy fast double bass and drum rolls.  The voice of (Lamb of God vocalist) Randy Blythe made the hairs on my arms stick straight up.  I wanted to get my voice like that…” She continues with, “I learned from a buddy of mine named Joe…I was 17 when I met him and he got me into the hard, heavy screaming fast music that we call metal core, hard core and Djent style.”

3)  Djent style?  Can you elaborate on that?  “He showed me Whitechapel, Suicide Silence, Veil of Maya (Author’s note:  both were great at Mayhem), Born of Osiris and Rings of Saturn…I knew, at that point, I wanted to do what he was doing…Joe was in a band called Aliens Eating Flesh and I watched him, every time he opened his mouth to do vocals.”

4)  And that led to…?  “I couldn’t understand how to do it and it took me a really long time and a lot of practice to get where I’m at now…I did a karaoke-type thing in my room with different bands’ songs for hours a day, at least five times a week.  Once I started getting better at it, I was horribly addicted and wanted to scream everything I heard.”

5) You are currently looking for bandmates…guitarists, I believe?  “I am currently looking for new members, since my last band “From Darkness to Decay” is no longer together…I only have my drummer left.  I am looking for guys close to central New Jersey to be apart of this band…bass, rhythm and lead guitars.  My manager is a great guy and puts a lot of work into helping me achieve my goals.”

6)  When the band is completed, what do you project your goals to be?  “My goals are to find the right people who can play…and share the same desire I do.  I wish to be a touring act and I wish to be respected as a female artist.  I get thrown into categories of the bands that I like (Otep, Arch Enemy, I Wrestled a Bear Once, Walls of Jericho, etc.) but I do not see myself there.  It’s very hard to be taken seriously when you’re a young small female at 120 pounds…I want to show the world that I’m made of something and I wish to reach others and inspire them as well…”


Again, thank you to Roxana Christine, who you can check out on You Tube (I did…that’s why I’m here; she is very passionate about her craft and those videos are proof-positive!), and her partner Michelle…and many hopes for a bright future…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\



4 thoughts on “# CCXVII…Guitarists Needed (or When Opportunity Knocks)…

  1. This my friend is completely badass & we thank you so much for this shoutout!! Roxana Christine is a brilliant woman with exceptional talent & I am going all out for her. Her talent is crazy & we both are hoping that she will get her shot, but deep down we both know that she will succeed in this business & become a global sensation!! she works hard & loves to scream!! I will push her to the max as her manager & get her to where she wants to be. anyone interested in auditioning for Roxana please send me a message. Devilking6105@gmail.com
    Thank You
    Michael Howlett

    1. Thank you very much and I hope nothing but the best for everyone…maybe even myself, if the fates allow! Looking forward to seeing all in the future.
      /,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

  2. First off I want to say to James that as expected you knocked it out of the park darlin!!!! As you are aware, my vision for Rock Shop Magazine is to be the first in print magazine, world wide, that was created to help these Diamond in the rough musicians who have the passion, drive and light within to make a difference to the fans they inevitably will touch deeply with there music. What I love most about this interview is your style of questions and the fact that what I felt as I was reading was a sense that you did what I do and just really had a conversation NOT the boring Q & A we see so often. I felt her passion in your writing and that my sweet is a gift that not many can achieve. I have yet to bore any National I have interviewed with the style in which I conduct my interviews … it’s a hang out and chat and it makes for amazing stories … stay on your path both of you and you will achieve any goal you set for yourselves!!!!! Much love and Respect .. Gina / Rock Shop Magazine

    1. It was an absolute honor for you to have read this…and your wonderfully surprising comment confirms what I’ve known since I was a tyke. Thank you again for your insight and broad knowledge base, as well.

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