# CX…(110)…Birthday Greetings to a close friend…

Very busy day…otherwise, it would be original…

Dal's Music Note$

It’s not very often in this merry-go-round that you find people that you can truly count on.  I happened to have met the person whom I refer to, Mr. Angel Ramos, Jr. (who celebrates his 34th birthday today), through my old friends in my neighborhood who were almost akin to being a family.  Throughout the countless years that he and I have been close, we have shared many adventures in life, dealing with things ranging from video games to wrestling and just about everything in between.  Over those years, he and I have helped each other numerous times, which is why whenever I make the occasional sojourn to my hometown, I can always count on getting together to “catch up”.

If it wasn’t for people like Angel in my life after my separation, I probably wouldn’t be talking to you right now.  He was just the kind of person that…

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