# CCXII…Number Two for Number 4…

Today’s birthday spotlight falls on the shoulders of a multi-talented musician named Joe Satriani.  The title, in case you haven’t figured it out, is because he is my Number 4 favorite of all time (See Top 10 for that) and this is the second time (other than the Top 10) where he is involved.  Today is his 58th birthday and he is currently banging around with Sammy Hagar’s side project, Chickenfoot…as well as being a multi-platinum recording artist in his own right, with his mostly guitar instrumental releases.

A little side story to this is the fact that I saw him play live (with Dream Theater and King’s X at Jones Beach many moons ago) and, although I was familiar with his music before that show, seeing him perform live was another experience altogether.  He is still a brilliant musician who, hopefully, has a lot more in his tank to give.

As far as his “twins”, we’ll start with former Airwolf and Damnation Alley (80’s apocryphal movie with the late George Peppard from The A-Team) star Jan-Michael Vincent (1944), former country/pop star Linda Ronstadt (1946), former WWF star and governor Jesse Ventura (1951), actor Forrest Whitaker (1961), and model/actress (and former wife of Sylvester Stallone) Brigitte Nielsen was born in 1963.

Also, Jason Bonham, the drumming son of Led Zeppelin’s John “Bonzo” Bonham, was born in 1966, comedian/actor Eddie Griffith (1968), Jamaican icon Buju Banton (whose music was in Grand Theft Auto IV) was born in 1973, along with former Beverly Hills, 90210 star Brian Austin Green (he played a great version of Metallo in Smallville, too); comedian Gabriel Iglesias was born in 1976, and former San Jose Sharks’ phenom Jonathan Cheechoo was born in 1980.

/,,,/ ROCK ON SATCH \,,,\


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