# CCVII…For My Sister on Her Day…

In 1973, my family, which had only consisted of me and my two brothers at the time, had grown by one on July 2…when my Mom went to the hospital on her birthday and gave birth to my sister on this day (talk about weird presents LOL).   As time would move on, as it’s supposed to do, my sister and I have always had each other’s back.

The two little mischievous kids from my Mom have grown…and my sister is still a vital part of my life.  Being married and having kids of her own, she is the perfect example of the strong woman that my Mom raised her to be.  For this alone, she deserves this spot on this blog.

Happy birthday, Sis…May you have all your dreams and wishes come true…

As for the “twins” list, we have former Filipino president Imelda Marcos (1929), late Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas (1932-2002), iconic race car driver Richard Petty (1937), late actor Ron Silver (1946-2009), and “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” co-creator Larry David (1947).

Retired WWF/E superstar Bret “Hitman” Hart was born in 1957, baseball figures Jose and Ozzie Canseco (1964), senior WWE referee Charles Robinson (1964), San Jose Sharks’ Joe Thornton (1979), and beautiful and talented actresses Ashley Tisdale (1985) and Lindsay Lohan was born in 1986.

/,,,/ ROCK ON TAMI \,,,\


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