# CCVI…Mom’s Milestone…

Seventy years ago today (sorry Mom, but it’s a milestone LOL), my mother Ruth Hughes was born in a quaint little New Jersey town…and my world has never been better.  Obviously, as with any family, we’ve had our issues and demons but just the fact that Mom is now in another age bracket is a beautiful thing.  Without my Mom being the strong person that she is, I probably wouldn’t be here today…especially with all the unnamable events in our lifetime.

Thank you, Mom, for putting up with this southpaw’s nonsense and thank you for being here…

Now, for your birthday twin list:  cosmetics giant Estée Lauder (1906-2004), Olivia de Havilland, who played Melanie Hamilton in Gone With the Wind (1916), comedian/actor Jamie Farr (from M*A*S*H) was born in 1934, actress Karen Black (1939), and pixieish dancer Twyla Tharp was born in 1941.

As for after my Mom’s entrance, we have Blondie lead singer Deborah Harry (1945), the frontman for The B-52s, Fred Schneider (1951), comedian Dan Akyroyd (1952), late country vocalist Keith Whitley (1955-1989), comedian Alan Ruck (Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) was born in 1956 and recording artist Evelyn “Champagne” King, who had hits like “Love Come Down” and “Shame” in the 80s, was born in 1960.

Finishing the list on my Mom’s special day are track star Carl Lewis (1961), late monarch Princess Diana (1961-1997), multi-faceted actress Pamela Anderson (1967), singer Missy Elliott (1971), actress and famous child Liv Tyler (1977) and former Calgary Flames superstar (now with the Boston Bruins) Jerome Iginla was born in 1977.

70 is a big number and I just hope that I’m fortunate enough to make that…Have a blessed day all…

/,,,/ ROCK ON MOMZ \,,,\


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