# CCII…Saturday Spotlight, Vol. XXI…Sonata Arctica, “Pariah’s Child”…

In the short time that I’ve known about this band…thanks, of course, to Pandora.com…I am very impressed with this band’s progression from their inception in 1996.  In a prime example of this group’s staying power, it will certainly be an honor to meet them.  This wonderful group from Finland is a symphonic metal mainstay and their music is nothing short of spectacular.

The awesome time-signature changes on their latest release, 2014’s “Pariah’s Child”, are a musical masterpiece…from the opening track, a haunting romp through a fantasy wonderland titled “The Wolves Die Young”, leading into a racing-inspired ditty, “Running Lights”, but the title that really struck a personal chord, “What Did You Do In the War, Dad?”, as it is a stunning ballad/keyboard-to-guitar speed race that really is a nice track.

Another awesome song on the band’s eighth release is the pro-rock anthem that every artist can consider an anthem, the eighth track, “X Marks the Spot”, which feature a stunning visualization of Tony Kakko’s awesome vocal range.  Also, the final track, an almost ten-minute Dream Theater-type romp called “Larger Than Life”, which really highlights Mr. Kakko’s mastery of his craft.

All in all, a ***** lesson in symphonic metal. which is further proof that rock-n-roll never dies…because it’s constantly evolving…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


2 thoughts on “# CCII…Saturday Spotlight, Vol. XXI…Sonata Arctica, “Pariah’s Child”…

  1. I’ve heard only a few songs from this album thus far, but you seem to be on target with your review again. Thanks Dude!

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