# CCI…You Know You’re Getting Old…

We have all heard statements that begin with the above phrase…and at no time has it ever been more true than right now, as I have found that it is the 65th birthday of Lionel Ritchie (1949), whose music was prevalent throughout my early teen years, as in 1984, my grammar school put on a play that his music had a very big part in.  An accomplished vocalist with the 70s group, The Commodores, he branched out and became a superstar.

Also, striking another personal chord was the fact that both my girls had asked me, “Is he Nicole Ritchie’s father?”…I could only shake my head and face-palm, as that means that I hadn’t taught my girls everything about music.

Also on today’s list are the ever-talented swashbuckler Errol Flynn (1909-1959), music legend Chet Atkins (1924-2001), actor and soldier Audie Murphy (1924-1971), TV’s Mission: Impossible star Martin Landau (1928), superb actor Danny Aiello (1933), The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson (1942), Canadian country music legend Anne Murray (1945) and TV home improvement guru Bob Vila (1946).

Finishing the list are:  veteran actor/comedian John Goodman (1952), former Van Halen/current Chickenfoot bassist Michael Anthony (1954), Duran Duran’s John Taylor (1960), lovely actress Nicole Kidman (1967), director/producer Robert Rodriguez (1968), MMA star/actor Quentin “Rampage” Jackson (1978) and former New Orleans Saints running back Darren Sproles was born in 1983.

Tune in tomorrow…Saturday Spotlight returns…for research on a future endeavor…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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