# CXCVIII…Friday the 13th Weirdness…

It should be expected that I, the master of useless trivia, would be on here giving you your daily bit of oddness.  Today is no exception, as I have found out that today’s combinations of Friday the 13th AND the fact that there is a Full Moon are an occurrence so rare that I may not even be alive (God willing I will) to see it…in the year 2049!  And, so with that having been said, that’s all for that part.

The short list for today’s birthdays starts with former television/radio host Ralph Edwards (1913-2005), former Hollywood Squares (the original 70s version) mainstay/comedian Paul Lynde (1926-1982), actor extraordinaire Malcolm McDowell (1943), Bad Company and Heart guitarist Howard Leese (1951), comedian/actor Tim Allen (1953), and actress Ally Sheedy (from hits like The Breakfast Club and Short Circuit) and journalist Hannah Storm were born in 1962, and comedian/stuntman Steve-O miraculously turns 40 today (1974).

This has been your dose of weirdness…now back to your regular friggatriskadekaphobic lives LOL

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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