# CXCI…Weekend From Hell, 1999…Part II

Saturday, May 22, 1999…After getting home at about 3 AM, due to the fact that, after we (my wife, brother and myself) met with the immediate family at the hospital and just congregated together in a diner, I had an early morning flight out of Newark Airport.  The plane was exciting, as I’d never been on a jumbo jet (very surreal experience for someone who’s afraid of heights), but the most exciting part was the 45 minute layover in another time zone (Chicago), which went very quickly and, when I’d arrived in Florida to collect my daughter Mena, the late afternoon “Floridian thunderstorm”…you know, sky goes black, pours for about 15 minutes and is bright and sunny again afterwards.  Early bedtime meant another early morning flight back to Jersey…

Sunday, May 23, 1999…Suffering from lack of sleep previously and the jet lag that followed my flight yesterday and the 3 hour layover (with my seven-year-old), I greeted my brother Fred with “How’s it going?”, like I had been gone for a month…and proceeded to reunite my child with some of her family left in Jersey and my friends, as well.  Upon arriving to my house, my wife told me that she had plans to order the WWF pay-per-view, “In Your House”…to help ease my mind of the horrors yet to come with the funeral.

Making this long story short, it was in the middle of that program that Jim Ross, the announcer, had made an announcement about an accident involving veteran Owen Hart…his Blue Blazer character was supposed to enter the ring on a harness from the rafters…in which his harness was not hooked properly and he fell into the ring, hitting his head on a turnbuckle on the way down.  The story was furthered later stating that he was not alive anymore…a sad end to a brilliant career and my maniacal weekend.


Thank you to all who’ve read this recantation from my faulty memory…it felt uplifting to relive that weekend.  I’m not sure when I will get a chance to share such a weird story…

/,,,/ ROCK ON OWEN (05/07/1965 – 05/23/1999) FOREVER MISSED \,,,\


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