# CLXXIV…Saturday Spotlight, Vol. XX…Delain’s “The Human Contradiction”…

Today’s Spotlight is all about the newest release from symphonic metal greats Delain, called “The Human Contadriction”, which became the fourth major release from this awesome group.  From the opening track, “Here Come The Vultures”, to the last track, “Don’t Let Go”, the latest certainly is the greatest for this neophyte quintet.  With songs like the video released for the third track, “Stardust” (which is visually as stunning as Charlotte Wessels’ vocal range) and the track that I heard on iTunes Radio, the anti-drug anthem “Your Body is a Battleground” (the second track on the album), the band really shows why they are up-and-coming kings (and queen) of the symphonic metal world.

Also featuring guest vocals by the former lead singer of the Danish metal band Orphanage, Mr. George Oosthoek, on the fifth track, “Tell Me, Mechanist”, a song that deals with creationist beliefs, and the latest lead singer of the metal group Arch Enemy, Ms. Alissa White-Gluz, on the ninth track, “The Tragedy Of The Commons”, this album represents a welcome departure from their previous album, “We Are The Others”, which was a brilliant concept album.  This release from Delain further cements their place in the order of things, with hits like “My Masquerade”, the live version of which comes with the deluxe edition on iTunes, and “Army of Dolls”, which sort-of borrows from the previous album’s dealings with appearances and social ethics.

All in all, in my eyes, it is a five-star journey through symphonic metal’s unlinear musical genius that has this writer eagerly listening to in typical youngster fashion…aka, over and over again!!!!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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