# CLXIX…Old Friends, New Venue…

On what I hope to be a short post (they never turn out that way, though), I would like to open your eyes to music that, although I’ve spoken about it before, you may not be enjoying because the radio has everybody brainwashed by bubblegum! It was for a show last night at Mr. Beery’s in Bethpage, NY, which featured three amazing bands, two of which I have experienced before.

Opening the show was a highly-talented original music trio named Little Old Ladies, which consisted of a bassist lead singer, guitarist and drummer. The reason that I’ve put that out there is because they had a unique bluesy-rock infusion that kept the crowd (most of which was from the 21st birthday party for the owners’ son) chuckling at their jokes and jamming to their unique songs (sorry, I wasn’t forward enough to obtain a set list). Very talented individuals that they are, however, they have the power to be something very big in the scene for years to come if they took themselves just a tad more seriously.

The second group of the night was a blog-returning favorite, WDFA (We Don’t F*** Around), which, in spite of the newer drummer (former drummer Danny had a fallout with the band), was as tight as they were when I saw them months ago to close out RockShop Magazine.

Lead vocalist Jabo was on point as usual and the guitar lines provided by Cesartheczar (guitar) and Johnny Horsepower (bass) were awesomely intermixed and very crisp sounding for the diminutive venue. On a personal note, the bass lines were sadly overlooked previously due to the reputation of the previous drummer and, with new drummer Mike providing percussion, they were a well-oiled metal machine that should be experienced live to appreciate.

The final band of the night, also a blog returner, was the ever-impressive Discipline Theory, who, like the previous time I saw them, sounded awesome considering the fact that their bass lines AND drum tracks were produced by a machine. Having said that, however, you cannot truly understand how that intermelds with rock music…until you see them play live!

Discipline Theory’s humbling outlook on the industry has been pushing them through the void and, hopefully soon, into mainstream media, as their unique set-up has them ready to push past the apex of greatness.

There was supposed to be a fourth band, Engine of the Sun (with Cesartheczar from WDFA pulling double duty and switching to vocals, I believe), whom I’d heard of because of my all-seeing eyes in the industry. I was looking forward to hearing their sound but, due to the illness of one of the members, I will have the chance to check them out on a rain check in the near future.

All in all, it was a beautiful night (considering the monsoon-like conditions that we had to go through to get there) to experience unheard talents in the rock industry…something that you, my viewer(s) should experience to cull the bubblegum!!!!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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